Considering adoption? Singing the praises of the God Who adopts.



I give thanks and joy-filled praise to the Giver of light.  You, O God faithfully surround me with your life, Your light, Your warmth, Your quiet nudging and whispers inviting me to join You in the light.  In the morning I will sing.  I will sing of Your love.  I will sing of Your strength.  I will sing of Your compassion and tender provisions for every detail of my life.  I am weak and You are strong.  I am worried and Your are confident.  I am small and You are beyond immense.  You just spoke and from Your word the worlds, the galaxies, the waters, the winds, and every living thing exploded into life.  There is nothing too small or too large that You haven’t invested your time and careful thought.  We, Your creation have messed things up mightily yet, knowing we would, even before You placed us in Your garden, You provided the way to restore and create an even better and more profound relationship with You.  You are GOOD.  You are JUST.  There is no darkness or subtle motives of selfish desire in You.  In our great loss of light and moral purity You entered into our darkness, filth and utter failure and embraced our humanity.  You became a baby.  You experienced the love of a doting mother, a strong steady faithful dad, and the animosity of sibling rivalry.  You told your human mom and dad to name You Jesus because You would, in Jesus, save your people from their sins.  And You did.  You, all HOLY, PURE, SINLESS, LAMB OF GOD, submitted to mockings, whippings, false accusations without saying a word in Your defense, and let us nail You to a cross. On the cross  You knew the pain of separation from God the Father and the Holy Spirit for the first time.  You cried out “My God, why have You forsaken me?!”  You cried out “I thirst!”  You, the Fount of Living Water, was so thirsty because the well, the SPRING OF ALL LIFE, experienced what every living being past, present and future,  experiences in their separation from the Source of life.  Then You cried out “It is finished!”  and committing your spirit to the Father, you died.  Everything You came to do was accomplished at that moment.  IT IS FINISHED!!!!  At that moment the work of redemption was accomplished.  The debt PAID IN FULL!!!  And to prove there is no hard feelings between us and You for all Your troubles we caused You, You raised from the dead and offered, free of charge, adoption papers for us to sign.  You are not a God of arm twisting and coercion.  Because we chose to walk away from You and live in rebellion and disobedience, we all are subject to death.  But there is a second death that is permanent and forever removes us from every kindness You have bestowed on Your creation.  No light.  No water.  No shelter.  No kind words or hope of healing.  This is the future You died to free us from.  I am so grateful.  I am overwhelmed and say, with tears, hand me those adoption papers!!!  I can’t imagine my life without light.  I can’t imagine my life without hope.  I can’t imagine a life without any water to quench the thirsting of my soul.  And now You have rescued me.  You have washed me.  You have clothed me in Your light and filled me with purpose and hope.  You have told me to call You Daddy and invited me to come rushing into Your arms with all my worries.  O wow!  I am so “lucky”.


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