Prayer of praise and hope



Today is September 11.   A day the whole world saw the face of the our enemy unmasked in all its  show of hideous strength and vicious bravado.  But there is nothing new under the sun. Our choice to believe the inconceivable lies of Satan in the garden about You, Lord God, has opened the portal to a world run amuck.  But You knew long before,  that mankind would be in a world of hurt and, in Your great compassion, You sent Jesus to seek and save the lost.  You, O Father God, show your kindness and faithfulness with every sunrise and sunset.  There is nothing and no one greater than You.  Because of Jesus I bask in your approval.  Because of Jesus I call you daddy.  Because of Jesus I am guaranteed that I will never die the second death.  If God be for me who can be against me?  NO ONE!!!

You have made me for eternity.  I am ageing like a faded rose.  One day my spirit will join You and I will see You face to face.  You will give me a body made of eternal stuff.  You will wipe away all my tears.  I will never see illness or death or disappointments ever again.  You alone lift me up with wings like eagles.  You have promised to take all the loose ends in my life and create a masterpiece that will empower and release Holy Spirit grace and joy and light into this dark world.  You redeem and restore and transform the unlikely into the impossibly great and awesome!!! With You, O God, all things are possible.   To You, alone, belong all praise!!!  Hallelujah!

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