Glory flower: Praise to the One who made you!



When I consider the works of Your hands I am in awe that I am one of your fabulous creations.  Such imagination, creativity, wisdom, joy and purpose in all Your design.  Thank You for the many gifts You have lavished upon me Jesus.  You are the eye in the center of all my storms.  You take my fractured circumstances and weave the drama, disappointments, failures and limitations into a masterpiece of redemption.  If God be for me who can be against me?  Whom shall I fear?  You are outside the box having no limitations.  You exist in every dimension, time and space all at once.  You have created it all.  There is nothing I have ever done, thought or said or experienced or will encounter that surprised or distanced You from me.  You, o God are my defender and hope.  You inhabit
the praises of Your people and so I praise You.  May all who hear and all who see celebrate with me my Great God!  Amen.

5 thoughts on “Glory flower: Praise to the One who made you!

    • Thank you Richard. We have so much all around us that is jaw dropping gorgeous and give a shout out to our Amazing and Awesome God. Ahh to just live to look for the next glipmse of the One who loves us most. There is no disappointment with that!

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