Sweet benediction at the day’s end



I’m at the end of the day.  A hot summer day.   Worked inside on my feet all day.  Happy to get home.  Watered the yard by hand.  After a remodel, that’s still in progress after 13 years, we still don’t have sprinklers hooked up.  Then my sweetie husband comes in from a very hard day at work inviting me to run with him to let off steam.  I said it was hot which he took as a no, but after feeling the breezes, which I find irresistable, I changed into a sleeveless top, shorts and tennies and off I went.  Glad I charged up my phone because I can’t pass up a good shot.  So glad I went out for a run/walk.  Evening breezes delicious and the setting sun was a lovely benediction to God’s lovely and enduring kindness in my life!

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