God Hacked the Hacker


God hacks the hacker for God is God and will not be thwarted. Because He is and was and always will be God knew the hacker before his creation and chose the hacker’s rebellion in advance to serve His purposes of love. Love said there is no love without the freedom to walk away. There is no love without the choice to stay. God said that there is no value more precious than love and before creation He loved mankind. Before creation God saw mankind choosing to walk away. Before creation God saw the severed relationship and the curse of death consume mankind. Before creation God saw the pain and sorrow and hate and separation devour, and like a flesh eating virus threaten to destroy forever the ones He loved above Himself. Yes, God loved mankind above Himself because He knew the only remedy from the curse was to enter creation Himself, the game board if you will, and take on the curse dying in our place. God knew that dying as a man in place of mankind would satisfy His judgment and justice and forge the link needed to reestablish the lost connection. In removing the hacker’s virus God would purge the system and implant His DNA into those that returned to Him. God knew before He created the angels of heaven that a third of them would seek to destroy Him and conquer Him. God allowed the angels to walk away but provided no door for repentance. No opportunity to return and restore the former relationship. Those beings created to serve and were examples of God great wisdom and awesome artistry became the hackers God would use for His greater purposes of a love relationship with mankind. For without the freedom to choose to walk away or stay there is no true love. And without the miracle of the creation of a new mind and a new heart by the indwelling of His Holy Spirit there can be no permanent link that elevates the connection between mankind and God from creator and creation to Father and child. The choice to turn to God and accept His cure from the curse and separation that resulted in spiritual death and blindness from the hacker’s virus is optional. Freedom to stay or go is what love is all about.

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