Prayers and Musings Along The Path: a photojournal


 You make known to me the path of life;

 In Your presence there is fullness of joy;

  at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore

Psalm 16:11 English Standard Version (@2001) .

  Teach me to love your law

 for your law provides a glimpse into your heart.

 Give me an undivided heart:










I thank You for the exhilaration  of the tempest

 knowing  I’m always safe in Your hand.

I want to grow strong in the tempest.

To press on and endure with the joy  of an undaunted spirit.

I know you are planting  in my character seeds through Your Word

and my obedience that will be beautiful to You.

I’m so glad.

You take me through slippery places

 where I have to grip tighter  on Your hand

 to keep my feet.

It’s so good to know  You never lose your grip on me.

Hindsight, they say is 20/20.

 If only…

It seems I should have drained my tear wells dry by now

 for all I have shed with regrets.

Help me to rest in your commitment

 to make all my goof ups work into Your story plan

  as a gem that will bring you honor.

In the morning I will sing:

 of Your love;

of Your strength;

 that You are my defender;

 that You are my place of safety  in times of trouble.

God, You are my strength.

 I sing praises to You.

You are the Light of my Life.

 You illuminate my path.

 You scatter the darkness and make me safe.

 You are my companion and navigator on this path.

There is so much to see,  enjoy and wonder over

 along the way.

Jesus, sometimes I think I don’t fit in anywhere.

Sometimes it’s lonely being me.

I look at myself and think I am a mess.

How can God use me when I’m in such a blue mood?

My mom used to say

 I should stop Thinking so much about myself

 and go out and make a friend.

She said it would make me feel much better.

 She was right.

That runner in the fog is me, Jesus,

 when I keep my eyes on You.

 When everyone else is foggy about the issues

 I have no doubts about You!

 You are the way.

 You are the truth.

 You are the life.

 This is my chosen mantra

 and I can run with it!!!

You said I was meant for the high places.

 You said you will give me wings like the eagles

 and Feet like the elk that are sure

 and meant to leap up to higher ground.

 I so want to be there now.

 I know this path I’m on is the course You are using to ready me

 for the high places.

 Toughen my thinking

 and resolve to press on.

 I want to be all that.

 Some people think You, God, are like the moon:

 far off,

 a silent observer

 but always present.

 I see You as close as my breath.

 It was Your breath, after all,

that sparked the life in Adam.

You aren’t aloof.

 You are intimate and hands on.

You breathed into Adam’s nose

 and he became a living soul.

O my God!

That’s close!

  Adam walked in the garden and hung out with You.

 Enoc preferred hanging out with you more than with anybody else

 and one day he got to just walk with you to Your place

  and You let him stay.

  He never had to deal with growing old and dying.

  Imagine that!

 I love it when you talk to me when I’m reading your word.

It’s like I’ve had the most satisfying meal at those times.

  But it would be so great  if You would just turn up the volume!

  Here’s a tree that has never born fruit.

 Of course, I had never tended or watered it.

 After all, it’s in a corner

 of our yard up on a hill

 with no easy access

and no way to water  without pulling up a 100 foot line of hose

 and struggling up a steep slope.

But then You, God, have a lesson here.

  While I made plans to pull out this thorny monster

 it rained and rained and rained… and rained.

 I hadn’t been up to this corner in a long while

 and, when I finally did, you could have blown me over!

 I was met with this gorgeous feast for the eyes!


 I must never give up!

 When all else fails—and I often do—You are at work.

 I imagine I’ve been like this tree—fruitless.

  I feel I’m not doing  what I’ve been made to do.

  Whatever that is, I don’t know, but I’m not doing it.

 I am confident You are at work in me.

  Philippians 1:6 says so.

 Here and there I catch faint glimpses

 of what seems to be fruit

 but I have no clear vision for what I’m supposed to be

 or What the fruit will look and taste like.

Does it matter?

Jeremiah said the people of Israel had abandoned You

 and  worshipped the idols of the surrounding cultures.

 They abandoned

 the true Fountain of Life

 and built instead  broken cisterns

that could never hold water.

Let me not lift my hand to another.

I want to be simple.

 No hidden agendas.

 No self-serving aspirations.

 I want to savor each moment You have gifted me.

 Like a day at the shore basking in the sights







 and the infinity of sky and horizon.

 Who am I that you are mindful of me?


 Mind boggling.

 Thank you.

My mom got me watching every cloud

  just in case that was the one You would be coming in on.

I love cloud watching

 but  I love watching for You most!

When I know You’re on Your way

— and I expect you any moment—

I can bear anything life throws at me.

 Sight is such an awesome gift!

I love the morning rays washing through branches

 exposing the morning dewdrops

 on the grassy floor below.

The eye exposes everything clearly

 in all dimensions

 at one glance.

 How perfect the intricacy and attention to detail.

Glory to You Jesus!

You made it all with just a word.

The morning dew clings to the grass  like

 exquisite pearls

  painstakingly hung on long delicate string.

 No jeweler can adequately capture

 the simple beauty

 and practicality found in morning dew.

 In the Garden,

 from the beginning,

You watered the earth With a mist that rose in the morning.

In the Old Testament You were the cloud

 that shielded  the weary travelers from the harsh sun.

You became a cloud of fire by night dispelling the darkness

 and warming the chilled.

Your bread from heaven  looked like frost

 that was left from the morning dew.

No, You are not a distant, uncaring, clinical observer.

 You care.

 You care.

 Yes, You do care!!

On the shore lie fallen trees of massive size

 with roots reaching into air.

 What seemed so strong and sturdy

 can No more shelter and inspire.

 O God we are but dust.

 We cling so desperately to this World

 for it is all we know.

 How the mighty have fallen.

There is none that will not perish with time.

Hold me Jesus!

 I heard one time

that everything I said and did was being recorded.

 Paul said we are surrounded by a large crowd of witnesses.

 I was 10 years old at summer camp when the speaker said

 at the Great White Throne Judgement,

 foretold in the Book of Revelations,

 we will all  stand before You, as the Judge.

He said everything

 I ever did

 and thought

 would be displayed before You

 for me and all creation to see.

 How would I measure up?

 That message changed my life.

  I’ve never been the same since.

 I knew then I needed You

 to not only post my bail but to pay my price.

 O Lamb of God. My Passover.

Since that day I see You in a whole new light.

 I’m not the same person on the inside that I was.

 Little by little the old ways

 of thinking

 and being

 are falling away

 and, as I spend time In Your word,

 I am becoming more like You.

 That is good.

I see You wherever I go

 and in everything I do.

 I am reminded that you not only died in my place,

 You promised to be here for me all the time.

 You won’t ever turn Your back on me

 And you are always putting in a good word for me to the Father.

 You are my best Friend.

It’s easy to stay put when you’re fogged in

 but When the fog thins the itch to get out begins to prod.

 Sometimes staying behind the leader on the trail

 seems dull and too slow.

 Down deep in my heart, Lord, You know I’m yours

 But there’s a part of me that throws my mind and resolve

into confusion and doubt.

Sometimes I get stirred up with  pride and ambition

 or fear, or fatigue.

  I struggle with the need to please others

 and yet

 I want to seem strong.

 But, truth be told,

 when I seem to be riding on smooth waters,

 it doesn’t take much turbulence in my life

 to rock my boat.

 But You already know that.-)

above the clouds

The cool thing is that

 even though You know everything about me:

 Where I am;

 what I’m doing;

what I’m going to say even before I say it–

you are with me all the time

 and still You want me to speak my mind.

You want me to share

 every cotton picken, diddly squat thing

 that I think about and care about and am




 or scared about.

 You are my hero!

 You lead me beside still waters.

You restore my soul.

When situations look impossible I remember

 “Impossible” is what You do best!

 You are the same yesterday, today, and forever.

 Every morning the sun rises.

Every evening the sun sets.

You bring winter, spring, summer and fall at their appointed times.

 You are never late.

 You are always kind and generous.

 Even when we do awful things to each other

 you don’t stop the world from spinning,

 cut off our air supply

or just incinerate us.

 You are amazing.

David said people don’t see their own mistakes.

 He asked you to forgive him

 for his secret sins.

 I think secret sins are the ones  everybody can see

  but me.

David went on to ask You to keep him from the sins of pride

 then he would be blameless of the greatest of sins.

 I know my pride is hard core.

Slay it Jesus.

When it just gets wounded I’m the worse!

Many ancient civilizations ground corn on rock surfaces.

 This constant grinding wore away at the rock surface

 creating bowl like impressions.

You promise in Your Word to remove the stony heart

 and replace it with a heart of flesh.

 You use the grinding of disappointment

 and piercings of loss to accomplish this transformation.

The most unimaginable pain was not one of disappointment

 but anticipated and chosen as the only true hope for mankind.

 You chose the path of free will knowing we would stumble.

 And You provided the antidote for our curse even before creation.

By Your stripes I am healed and,

like these matates engraved in stone,

Your flesh will forever bear testimony to Your sacrifice and valor.

You said you went to prepare a place for me and

 You are coming back to take me there.

 It’s a place I am already calling home because that is

 where you are now

 and all those I love

 and those I haven’t met yet

 who have died hoping in You.

 You said they all still live.

 You are God of the living not the dead.

You said I Am the God of Abraham,


and Jacob.

 And you are, not were, the God of

 my mommy

 and daddy

 and their mommy

 and daddy.


I see the little tug pulling bigger ships out to sea.

 Little tugs pulling huge loads.

 Gigantic airplanes flying in thin air.

There are principles and laws

You have set up

 that enable the seemingly impossible

 to become normative or at least, though phenomenal, experienced by many.

 I don’t want my life to be ordinary.

 I want to have Elijah’s eyes.

 I want to know how to use

 the fulcrum of faith in Your word

 to move mountains

 and crash the gates of hell–

 to restore sight to the blind and

 set captives free.

The fact is

 nobody else

 can walk life’s path completely with me

but You.

 My true thoughts,



 or celebrations

can only truly be experienced by You.

 For You

 already know everything about me.

 My choices will never disillusion You

or diminish  your love or desire to invest in me.

  You have already laid it all on the line for me.

 You have risked all you have.

You are my kinsman Redeemer

and you have thrown your hat in the ring

 for me.

  You are my home.

 It’s good to be home.

I love the rain.

 I love the sound of splashing and dripping.

 I love the smells that come with rainy days.





 I like to walk in the rain

 and not worry about my hair

 or if I get wet.

I like to be indoors on a dark rainy day

 and  feel the walls shelter  and protect me.

  I love to snuggle deep into my bed  under the covers when it rains

 and just live in the moment.


 Thank you for rain!

 I love the rain!

When You died in my place it was like you purchased the only lotto ticket

 that opened the doors to heaven and hell

 and you put my name on it.

 This was so huge!!!

 And somehow my heart was trusting enough to take it from you.

 I had no clue that you gave me everything.


The only thing that matters in this life and the one to come!

 I hear you have that same ticket with the name of everyone Who has ever lived,

 and ever will live,

 written on it.

 I want everyone to know what they’ve got, Jesus.

 I’ve seen the tickets laying around in the oddest places

 and even trampled under feet on the streets and sidewalks.

Help me to spread the good news, Jesus!

Get me some help here.

There’s only one of me!!

How is it that gathering knowledge and degrees

 is held in greater esteem than shaping a life and educating a heart?

 The smartest man recorded in history

 valued wisdom above riches,



 or power.

 Solomon taught that to fear and honor you, Jesus,

 is the beginning of wisdom.

 I want to be wise.

 I don’t want to be swayed

 by the attraction of celebrity or wealth.

I don’t want to be frozen

by fear for my future.

 I don’t want to despair

 over my fading youth or waning vigor.

 Be my rock.

 Be my wisdom.

 Be my hope.

Practicing a new skill is




 and may even result in some painful head banging.

 I have discovered,

 much to my dismay,

 more often than I care to admit

 and likely a lot more often than I know,

 that dispensing my “wisdom” to those I felt needy,

was hasty,


 and ill advised.


Sweet Jesus,

 the Hippocratic oath swears to “do no harm”.

As your child, Father, I must advance well beyond that.

 I want to be kind,


 and dispense love,

 as you have loved me.

You came to seek and save and serve the lost.

 You’ve set the standard.

 I’m putting on my helmet.

My second grade teacher wrote on my report card

 that I daydreamed a lot in class.

 I do have a short attention span.

 I get so excited about hearing you speak to me in my Bible reading

 and I want to make changes

 but the next thing I know I’ve been distracted

 and I’m off doing something else.

I’m glad you have a sense of humor.

I take pleasure in the big little things of life:

 My sight;

 seeing the evening sunlight casting shadows through the window;

The variation of green in the foliage outside;

 How the light only brightens one side of everthing;

 And the dark creates such beauty and drama with the contrast.

 I live with light and dark.

 To You light is the same as dark.

 Nothing obscures Your vision

 or creates more drama.

 You did all this for me, didn’t you?

 You enjoy my enjoyment of the space you have put me in.

 I am so glad that I can see and appreciate

 the small decorative touches you have created

 for me to enjoy.

Being a twosome is not always pie in the sky and smooth sailing.

 Like a couple tied at the ankles in a foot race

 if the moves aren’t timed right and headed in the same direction

 the friction hurts

and the stumbling brings a halt to all progress.

 Sometimes I think “Why does it have to be so hard?”

After all these years we should have our moves down.

 You are Lord of the dance.

 You are the music.

 You paired us for a purpose.

 Conduct us!

 Choreograph us!

 Write our song.

The length of the shadow is determined by Its relationship to the sun.

  The lower the sun is

 the longer and larger the shadow.

 The shadow has no substance yet it seems so significant and important.

 When I don’t lift you up in my thoughts, Jesus,

 the shadows loom large

 and play havoc with my mind and heart.

 At one moment I bask in my self-importance

 and the next I am reduced to tears by how huge my problems appear.

 I am mesmerized and captivated by the shadows.

 I want to see You.

 Only You.

 I want to be blown away by You.

Captivated by only You.

 I don’t want to lean on

 or cower

 from shadows.

 Let the glory of the Lord rise among us!

I am so glad for your Word that helps me interpret my world

and the images  and events that bombard me daily.

 The reflections are beautiful, confusing, hideous and troubling.

You provide clarity and define my path.

  Hold my hand.

  There’s so much I am not capable of understanding.

  You have charted this path.

  There is “method in this madness”

 and that’s really good to know.

 One thing I am sure of:

 You are good.

All the time!

I love the garden.

  I learn so much about You when I’m digging in the earth

 or seeing how you spare no expense in your attention to detail.

  The diversity, the intricacy, the beauty and complexity of creation

speaks volumes

 of Your  wisdom,




 and mastery.

 I just weep sometimes

 so overwhelmed by what I see.

 I see You.

 Your hand, Your eyes, Your care,

 and the pleasure you take in small things.

I’m small.

 You designed me.

  You see me.

 You care for me.

You take pleasure in me.


  And if I think that looks good

 Wait until I see What You have prepared for me.

Eyes have not seen

 Ears have not heard

 No one on God’s green earth could ever dream

 What You are cooking up for those that love You!

 So excited!!!

4 thoughts on “Prayers and Musings Along The Path: a photojournal

  1. Reblogged this on janjoy52 and commented:

    Everywhere I look there is beauty and an opportunity to see myself through new eyes. God calls us into relationship with Him. It is a relationship that beckons me to freedom and trust. To allow myself to drop the pretenses and fears and bask in His frank appraisal of me just as I am and Know His love and approval. I can take His hand as I am, quaking with fear and apprehensions, and know He will make everything right. My past failures, my shortsightedness and longing for acceptance and approval melt in the gaze of love and sufficiency I see in the face of Jesus. I will never have it all together. I am still easily pushed to tears but my performance matters not in the light of the price God paid to win my freedom.

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