Turning the Mundane into the Sacred


Turning the mundane into the sacred

I hear God speak as I grab a hose or turn the soil.   Today I entered into the sacred.  Today I snapped a shot and wrote my thoughts.  My day started, actually, with what is on the bottom of this page and grew with responses to my activities throughout the day: gardening, cleaning, checking Facebook.  What an amazing day.  Why don’t you take your camera and notepad on your next day out?  See how the Lord is speaking to you!

A lot of the world that is truly lost feels lost and reaches up to pull God down. They don’t know God’s Name so they give Him other names: Allah, Krishna, mother nature, Budha. They don’t know what He wants of them so they make their own TO DO lists and when they are done they look to their made up gods and say: There, Now are you satisfied?

Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13-18 asks How are they to know? How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?

We have been bought with a price. We are not our own. Every thing I have is on loan to me from the Lord. It has been entrusted to me. It is my stewardship to manage with wisdom, care and diligence. It is as I care and maintain the things and relationships in my life I demonstrate my appreciation for the Giver. I truly am so grateful and cleaning is a joyous task for the Master of this house.

There are lots of paths in life.   Where our feet head is guided by our thoughts. Our thoughts are guided by our mission and who we perceive ourselves to be. I’m an explorer. Got to take the road less traveled. I’m an employee on my lunch break. Got to watch my time and take the shortest route back.  I’m a rescuer. Keep a look out for someone needing rescuing. I’m an ambassador. I am not of this world. I will be careful that my words only shed light and breathe kingdom life. I am a warrior. I will view every conflict the Lord brings to my door as an opportunity to do battle. I will exult in my God who has set the stage for my enemy’s defeat. I will bow before the throne of my All Powerful King knowing He resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. I will take up my sword and shield and every weapon in God’s arsenal and await orders.-)

In Your light we see. We reflect.  Apart from You we can do nothing. May my thoughts toward You overflow with words that bring marrow to bones, air to failing lungs, strength to withered hands and courage to do battle. Grant us the joy of fellowship with You O Captain. May we wield your sword with skill to the toppling of strongholds.-)

The heavens declare the glory of God. The earth shows His handiwork. Every day He’s talking to us. In every language on earth His message is clear. I AM. LOOK AT ME. THERE IS NO OTHER GOD. COME. COME. COME


What hits me as I’m watering this morning is God’s amazing kindness to me. My heart is overcome with gratitude and I begin to cry. Thank You for the gift of sight. Thank you that I can feel the cold and sweet breeze on my skin. Thank you that I can smell and swallow and hear.  Thank you that I can grip with my hands and have strength to pull a hose around. I can hear an airplane and traffic in the distance and birds close by. I am so grateful for my life. That You have always loved me and sought me and are invested in me. You, Jesus are all my longings realized.  Thank you.

One thought on “Turning the Mundane into the Sacred

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    Its been over a year since I wrote these words. To me they are even more true, fresh, vibrant. Its a daunting things to review 1 entire blog’s contents though we might count the blogger so worth the effort. But what if you follow 10, 30, or more great artists and writers? Sheese!!! So, in an effort to bring this piece to the front for your look I’m reblogging. Please accept it in the spirit it was written. By one that truly and humbly is grateful for all God’s kindness and wants to share that with you. :-]

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