Consider yourself served!


Out of the heart

“Consider yourself served!”. That can be a statement accompanying divorce papers or a notice to appear in court or a slam to your backcourt you can’t reach in a tennis match.  The voice and body language is triumphant and meant to underline who won.  For the reciever it comes as bad news and often the reluctant and sad admission of being the loser.  This type of game playing is upside down thinking for the Christ follower and has no place for the server.  Yes, Jesus calls us to say “You have been served!”. Not with the glee of rising above the loser but with the hilarity of delivering unexpected kindness.  If we are to be like our Heavenly father who causes the sun to shine on the just and on the unjust and gives EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL THAT WE CAN ASK OR THINK than this should be our aim as well: Indiscriminating, bend over backwards generousity and kind hearted hands-on care for whoever God puts in our way.  You have been served!

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