Be the channel!


If you are a Christ follower I need to hear the Holy Spirit being channeled through you.  We sit on the sidelines of life and watch the superstars of the Church blaze an awesome path and rise high and huge but is it the Holy Spirit we are hearing or the glam of the amazingly talented?  Does the message bring you to tears and melt the stone cold heart inside you and make you want to get down on the floor and play with children or cradle the heavily wrinkled face of a diapered and confused elder?  Do you feel crushed by the messages of violence and the abanded in our society?  Do you look into the face of every passerby in the hopes that you will catch their eye and send a love note their way?  If you are a true Christ follower I need to hear what the Lord is trying to tell the churches through you.  Get off your bumm.  Stop spectating and get into the game.  Be the channel.

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